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Phần 2: Các video tham khảo thêm

[Xe oto] Lý do tại sao còi(kèn) xe oto không làm việc!?

How to diagnose a Horn Circuit

Diagnose the Circuit for an Inoperative Horn on a 2005 Subaru WRX

Why is My Car Horn Broken or Not Working?

In this video, 1A Auto demonstrates how a horn works and shows the warning signs of failure. This video applies to any vehicle.

Clock Spring Replacement – Toyota / Lexus

Here’s how to replace a clock spring on a Toyota or Lexus vehicle. This video also goes into the tear-down of how a clock spring works.
A clock spring is responsible for translating the electronic inputs from your rotating steering wheel (such as steering wheel audio controls, horn, airbag, cruise control, etc.) into the car.
A clock spring consists of a long ribbon cable wrapped up in a spiral. Its length allows it to rotate roughly 5 turns before the wire comes under tension. The housing is simply made of plastic with sturdy connections at either end for the airbag and accessories.
Often an airbag light on the dash, or lack of steering wheel controls (horns, audio control, etc) can be traced to a bad clock spring. Usually the thin ribbon cable is severed at some point and needs to be replaced or patched.
The clock spring is located behind the steering wheel. Be cautious when working around the airbag as its an explosive. Disconnect the battery and let the system drain for 15 mins before removing the airbag.
Also be sure to mark your steering wheel position before removing it from the splines. That way it can be reinstalled in the exact straight position.

How to Replace a Clock Spring (airbag light & horn not working)

Learn how to turn off your airbag light and fix a horn that doesn’t work by replacing your clock spring. Replacing a clock spring is very simple, saves us over $600 and takes less than an hour. I will show you how to safely remove the airbag and steering wheel so you can replace the clockspring at home using common hand tools.

To figure out I had a bad clock spring, I used an obd2 scanner to scan the airbag light and got codes b1801 and b1811 which is an open squib circuit, which means the clock spring is bad. Another way to tell the clock spring is bad is the horn doesn’t work and/or the steering wheel buttons don’t work.

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